Educate Against Hate

December 2015 | Front-end developer | © Breakthrough Media

Online, young people are vulnerable to extremist ideologies, which play on their insecurities as they struggle to find their place in the world. ‘Educate Against Hate’ is a campaign aimed at uniting parents, teachers and school leaders, arming them with the tools to keep their young people safe.

My Approach
I firstly worked with designer to architect the resources available on the site into a logical, user-focused sitemap. Together we broke the resources down into taxonomies and categories, which I translated into WordPress custom post types and taxonomies. Once the data architecture work was complete, this was then fed into the design process to ensure that the design was based on the data structure.

During the front-end development work, I worked closely with the designer to ensure the carefully-crafted branding elements were translated across to the website as closely as possible. No images were used on the website, so it was important that the alignment and typography was spot-on.

Within two weeks of launch, the website gained over 60,000 views. Across Facebook and Twitter, the campaign gained almost 3,000 followers, and earned over 400,000 impressions, while campaign-related videos received over 85,000 views.

The project won a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions awards 2016, and an entry into the Creative Review Annual 2017.


UX, data architect & front-end developer (sole dev on the project from start to finish)


WordPress, ACF, HTML, PHP, SASS, JQuery, Javascript, Git, Gulp

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Word definitions

Negative words are crossed out on the site and a popup window appears when the user clicks them, to show the word's definition. The definitions are set up within Wordpress as a Custom Post Type and Javascript is used to automatically add the markup required to any defined words.