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2018 | Lead developer | © Zinc Network

I lead this project for the agency’s own website. We built it using WordPress to store and edit the data, which was pulled into the Vue.js front-end using the WordPress REST API. The result is a website that is easy for content editors to manage the content, with a modern front-end ready for the future and capable of eye-candy such as smooth page transitions.

We built the site’s components, file and template structure to be non-specific to the project, so that we could use it as a starting-point for other website projects. The team learned a lot on the project, learnings which they could take forward onto other JavaScript front-end projects.

My role

Lead developer, leading one front and one backend developer

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The pages were constructed using reusable 'modules' which could be easily added and dragged into order in WordPress.

Blog section

We created options for content editors to display images three preset sizes, so that they could add variety to their posts.

Work section

We created posts types for blog articles and case studies, which could be linked to in relevant areas across the site.